“Teachings on ceremonial arts to
awaken human compassion as our “Compass for Action” 
in shamanic service to the web of life.”

Open to all earnest practitioners of Pachakuti Mesa Tradition™ cross-cultural shamanism, this gathering is designed to awaken our human experience of being Source—a living embodiment of co-creative reverent action in the world. Taking place in the southeast region of Charapa W’ata (Turtle Island), known as the Qollasuyu, this venue is ideally suited for giving physical expression and earthly manifestation to the rich ceremonial corpus of our Pachakuti Mesa lineage. 

don Oscar Miro-Quesada
As within the southeast quadrant our PMT altar grounds, which in-forms and gives physical manifestation to our shamanic service work in the world, the Qollasuyu region similarly serves as a birthing ground for the broader dissemination of our earth-honoring ceremonial presence upon Pachamama. At this juncture in our collective expression of the spiritual vision, community values and shamanic soul purpose we’ve ceremonially anchored in the world—in dreaming alignment with our Taripaypacha prophecy— the time has arrived for us to reclaim our embodied unity as a transformational agency of sacrosanct species-wide evolution on earth. Hence I have chosen to significantly expand on my teachings regarding Llankay for intrapersonal/individual harmonization; Munay for interpersonal/family-community harmonization; Yuyay for transpersonal/planetary harmonization; Yachay for universal/galactic harmonization; and HuƱuy for impersonal/cosmic harmonization. 

As Pachakuti Mesa Tradition initiates we fulfill the roles of shaman/healer, ritualist/artist, seer/visionary, sage/teacher and magus/hierophant--spiraling from south to center in counterclockwise direction—representing the five core medicine embodiments of our altar grounds. These five shamanic service options are available to all earnest practitioners of our ever evolving shamanic service path. And given the extraordinary opportunities currently available through our prophesied planetary transitioning from Auca Pacha (Iron Era/Kali Yuga) to Qori Pacha (Gold Era/Satya Yuga), it behooves all good sisters and brothers gathered for this apprenticeship to be willing embodiments of such transformational human evolutionary skills. Our ability to fully embody such soul expanded activation of these five attributes, combined with our already heartfelt ceremonial sustenance of Pachamama’s ceque network—involving our haywarikuy, apachetakuy, paqo wachukuy, willka ninkuy and chaskamayu huqllanakuy ritual action—shall further catalyze the cross-cultural democratization of shamanism worldwide. 

In essence, no matter what life enhancing wisdom teachings are transmitted, or soul deepening ceremonial arts we rediscover, the real medicine lies in our coming together as one tribe, united by our compassion and reverence for the sacred web of life. This is the ‘Secret of the Ages,’ the Shamanic Elixir, the Philosopher’s Stone, our shared dreaming into form a ‘critical mass’ of Shining Ones capable of initiating a much needed global quantum leap in human consciousness. Simply put, aside from what we shall all learn, being together is reason enough for showing up to this sacred marriage of Self and Soul!

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Please plan to arrive by 5:30 PM on Thursday, May 11. Dinner begins at 6:00 PM (until 7:30 PM). We plan to begin the first session at 8:00 PM.  We will end by lunch time at 12:30 PM on Sunday. 
We encourage everyone to remain for the full session.

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Please contact Ann Coco at (404) 931-7722 or anncoco@mindspring.com